I am so proud to present my Oldies Artist Celebrity package  "THE GOLDEN YEARS OF MUSIC" which is ready to tour Worldwide...

The Most Legendary Artists Will be Touring All Together With Their Best International & TOP charted Hit Songs...

In order to adapt our show with various venue sizes and budget, we have several options of shows.

1- Show of 90 minutes with 6 Artists among the list 

2- Show of 150 minutes with 10 Artists among the list

3- Each Artist is also available individually with their own Musicians and their length of show (Their individual shows can not be part of  " THE GOLDEN YEARS OF MUSIC TOURS"), in this option, the name of The Golden Years of music tours will not be able to be used for any Promotion purpose.

  • The best Entertainment of Music of the 60s & 70s ever presented together.
  • Worldwide Famous Artists will share the bill and will tour all together to perform in the same event & stage
  • Each Artist will perform LIVE a 12 to 15 mn medley or 3 to 4 songs of their best worldwide hit songs
  • With a live 12 piece band orchestra: 2 keyboard players / 1 bass / 2 guitars / 1 drummer / 2 strings / 4 horns.. (2 sax /trombone/trumpet) + 3 back singers to accompany all those legendary Artists during their performance.

To Concert or Event Promoters:

I provide all, 2 sound & 1 light engineers / Musical director / 3 road managers/ a Master of Ceremony as presenter to introduce each Artist / Group and to entertain the audience between acts.

We will tour together with all those celebrities and working people to share their talent and to make the best entertainment for years to come.

Below are the worldwide famous Artists who have already joined THE GOLDEN YEARS OF MUSIC TOURS with some titles of their best hits songs but you may check their other famous songs on

Among that list below 6 OR 10 Artists ( according option to be chosen) will be presented according their availability.

According my International Business Experience with I believe a stainless reputation in the Music Industry, managing, representing, booking Superstars for decades, this selection of Legendary Celebrities from the 60s & 70s era (Motown, RnB, Soul, blues) is the most attractive FULL LIVE ENTERTAINMENT for audience who have Nostalgia of this Eternal & Classic Music which will bring back all wonderful souvenirs to millions of people all over the world.

Those Artists have many great worldwide top charted songs but they have chosen to perform the most successful top charted ones among their repertoire..

Here are the following performing Legendary Artists in this package tour, with some famous titles of their hit songs to name just a few:

  1. THE PLATTERS (Only You, Unchained Melody, Smoked get in your eyes, Twilight time, The Great Pretender, My Prayer)
  2. GLENN LEONARD's TEMPTATIONS REVUE (My Girl, Papa was a rolling stone, Get ready, I wish it would rain, Ain't too proud to beg)
  3. THE MANHATTANS (kiss and say Good Bye, Shining Star, There is no Me without You, Feel so good to be Loved so bad, I Kinda miss you)
  4. THE SUPREMES TRIO (Baby love, STOP in the name of love, You can't hurry love, Someday will be together, You keep me hangin' on)
  5. THE DRIFTERS (Stand by Me, The Magic Moment, Save the last dance for me, There goes my Baby, On Broadway, Under the boardwalk)
  6. THELMA HOUSTON (Don’t leave this way, I've got the Music in me, I am here again, Anyway you like it, Don’t know why I love you)
  7. LITTLE ANTHONY (Hurt so bad, Tears on my Pillow, Goin' out of my head, I am on outside looking in, Shimmy Shimmy ko ko bop)
  8. GARY PUCKETT (Young Girl, Over you, Woman Woman, Kiss me Good bye, Lady Willpower, How I am supposed to live without you)
  9. MARTHA REEVES & THE VANDELLAS (Dancin' on the street, Heatwave, Nowhere to run, Jimmy Mack, Bless you)
  10. EDDIE HOLMAN (Hey there Lonely Girl, I love you, You make my life complete, it s all in the game, Since I don't have you, This can't be true)
  11. THE FLAMINGOS Featuring Terry Johnson (I Only Have Eyes For You, Lovers Never Say Goodbye, Mio Amore, Nobody Love Me Like You, A Kiss From Your Lips)
  12. SANTA ESMERALDA (Don’t let me be misunderstood, You're my Everything, Sevilla Nights, I got it bad, Another CHA CHA CHA)
  13. BONNIE POINTERS formerly lead singer of POINTERS SISTERS (I am so excited, Slow hand, Jump, Fire, He's so shy, Dare me)
  14. THE CRYSTALS (Then he kissed me, Da Doo Ron Ron, He's a rebel, He's sure the boy I love, Mashed Potato time)

Some more Artists with their international Hit songs will join me later.
Each Artist is also available individually for public or private event with their full time show (please contact me).

This Website will be updated daily with new info, files, photos, videos, news from Artists and Tours, so you may check it out frequently to get the appropriate information. Thank you.  P.R.


Called "The BossMan" - JOHN HALL


John could have been called "JOHN THE ENTERTAINER". John is a talented Artist with multiple talents as Entertainer. I believe his first talent comes from his personality full of energy, kindness, devoted, loving, nice, hard worker with the goal to please his audience.

I have chosen him to be part of my team as the MASTER OF CEREMONY to present each show of THE GOLDEN YEARS OF MUSIC and to expose his many talents.

I have a full confidence on his ability to entertain audience between acts and everyone will appreciate his dynamism and wonderful personality.

By the way, he is the best famous James Brown's Impersonator.

John Hall Biography

Robert E. Johnson, CEO of Soul Records welcomed John Hall, The BossMan, on After The Show, to talk about Hall’s illustrious forty-year career as a dancer and singer.  Hall began his career as a dancer, then added his vocal talent onto his list of creative abilities and has thrived in both arenas, performing world-wide.

Beginning at the age of seventeen, John Hall formed a dancing group called the Flamingo Dancers in 1978 and this dance troupe had great success: first they were picked up by the Al-Alberts Show (on WPVI TV-Channel 6) in Philadelphia, then they appeared at Club Harlem, and were opening acts for groups such as Keith Sweat, The Chi-Lites, New Edition, The Intruders and Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes.  It was here that John Hall was first dubbed, The Boss.

The Flamingo Dancers had two prominent recording artists choose them to do some work.  In 1980, the dancing troupe toured with James Brown for six months.  It was during this time, John Hall learned the ropes from the King of Soul.  “I learned a lot of things from the great man when I was on tour with him.  I observed his moves and could imitate them very well.”    Story has it, that when James Brown saw John perform one of his songs, James Brown told the dancer,  that despite his young age, he was the best James Brown impersonator he had ever seen.

Another artist also appreciated the talents of the Flamingo Dancers. One day a young woman approached John,  after seeing the Flamingo Dancer’s show, and asked him if the group would like to record and dance to an original song.  He was interested. so they ended up in Camden, New Jersey, at Broadway Eddie’s Record Store.  She played him the song called Let’s Do the Michael Jackson, written and recorded by Bobby Eli. “When I heard the song, I knew it was a hit. She told me that we would like to call you the Broadway Thrillers.”  Within two days the Flamingo Dancers went to the recording studio of Sigma Sound to record and dance to the song. First they practiced with the record and chose a six-year-old boy dancer to be the lead singer, to sound like Michael Jackson.  After being there for a while, they had a visit from a very interesting person. Hall told the story:

JOHN HALL MASTER OF CEREMONY Photo 3“When we were in the studio and practicing, this old guy came in in and sat down.  No one paid attention to the old guy.  Broadway Eddy stood next to him and kept laughing and laughing while were practicing and we couldn’t figure out why.  When we were finished, Broadway Eddie said, ‘While you were performing, you all have been approved to do this recording.  We looked at him questioning who had approved us.  Broadway Eddie then said, ‘I am going to introduce you to the person who is promoting this record.’  The next thing we knew the old guy pulled his hair down and peeled off a mask.  It was Michael Jackson posing as the old guy.”

The BossMan said of Michael Jackson, “He was very nice and humble.  He had given Broadway Eddy permission to use the label to put out the video and song.”

After John Hall left the Flamingo Dancers, he was approached by the group Philly Cream. “They asked me if I could sing and I told them about the Michael Jackson experience.  Next thing I knew, I was taken into the studio and was taught their songs and dance steps.  I traveled throughout the United States with them and then went on a world tour.”

When he arrived home, his nickname, The Boss,  became “The BossMan”,  because the singers in Philly Cream told him, “The BossMan sounds better, because you command the stage when you perform.”

John Hall has been doing just that for the last thirty years by performing his own shows.  His stage name is called The BossMan & Company.  He is well-known for the James Brown revival show.  “I start off singing songs by Bobby Brown and other cover songs.  Then I take the audience into the James Brown Review Show.  Even at 55, I even can do a split and move like the man himself.”

He is also the Assistant CEO for Rick Coley’s Now That’s Entertainment Company, who promote concerts in the New Jersey area.  Some of the artists performing for their concerts have been Stephanie Mills, the Delfonics, and John Hall will be performing with The Manhattans this coming August.

JOHN HALL MASTER OF CEREMONY Photo 4The BossMan entered in on ground zero, as Soul Music emerged into the culture back in the 1970’s.  He spoke about why this music is still so important.

“I came up in that era when Philadelphia International and Motown were formed. This music brings people back into the memories and makes one reflect on these special times.  The music makes you feel good.  This hip hop era is good for this generation… and every generation has had its classical music they love. But now especially, we have to cherish our Soul music, because we’re losing the legends everyday who created it.”

Breaking news… Robert E. Johnson, CEO of Soul Records and Rick Coley of Now That’s Entertainment will be collaborating on concerts featuring Soul Records signed artists to perform.  Soul Records, After the Show will interview “live”,  some of the artists on stage.  Some of the artists Now That’s Entertainment has booked are Gladys Knight,  Stephanie Mills,  Anita Baker, The  Intruders,  Larry Graham,  The Drifters,  Coasters and Platters and many more.





Named "The Godfather of THE GOLDEN YEARS OF MUSIC"

Billy Paul photo 2

BILLY PAUL will be honored on each show in Memory of our Friendship and our collaboration for many years.

BILLY can not be forgotten.

Only a couple of weeks before he left our Physical world , Blanche his wife and manager, had confirmed that Billy will be part of THE GOLDEN YEARS OF MUSIC TOURS...

Unfortunately, April 24th 2016, Billy has been called to tour the Universe, the paradise where he will rest eternally in peace.

However, I want to respect our agreement previously made with Blanche & Billy.

As agreed, BILLY will be still part of THE GOLDEN YEARS OF MUSIC TOURS and I name him the "Godfather" of this unique entertainment package.

At the end of each show, a tribute to Billy will be performed, onstage, by all Artists together to honor Billy with this Grammy award song ME and MRS JONES or the beautiful song WITHOUT YOU.

Billy Paul  His wife Blanche William

Billy Paul & His wife Blanche William

Billy Paul & Patrick rocher

Billy Paul & Patrick Rocher

Me and Mrs. Jones

Without You

One of the song that I personally love performed by Billy...

BILLY remains present among us and as scheduled he will spiritually tour with us and he will be honored at each show as he deserves.

BILLY won't be just the souvenir of a Great performer Artist and a wonderful and so kind person that he was..

Billy & Blanche forever, we Love you